For the past year, Kevin and Lee Kelly of Summer Aviation have been working feverishly to produce Elevator, their sunshine-tinged debut EP. The Seattle based husband and wife duo has been making memorable 60’s inspired pop tunes sprinkled with bits of post-punk influences for a few years now, and Elevator builds and expands on the early promise of their 7'' debut.

While Summer Aviation is their latest joint project, Kevin has been an active musician in the Seattle music scene for over a decade. He was previously the front man, songwriter and music composer of shoegaze/dreampop band, The Melody Unit. Lee Kelly, on the other hand, is a newcomer to the scene but with her enchantingly sweet voice and skilled percussion, she has quickly found her place within it. Together as Summer Aviation, they create melodies infused with a 60’s vibe, alluring lyrics, and pop smarts. Elevator overflows with colorful “sunshine pop” tunes that are dreamy, catchy and perfectly executed. Within their unique sonic palate, you may detect hints of Roger Nichols Trio, The Carpenters, and Stereolab. Armed with a guitar, a keyboard, and few percussion instruments, Summer Aviation create simple pop confection that sticks in your head, while leaving you hungry for more.

Elevator is available now.

Elevator - Art by El Gato Gomez